GUM CONTOURING or gingival contouring is the process of reshaping the gum (gingival) tissue around your teeth. A cosmetic dental treatment that can help enhance your smile and improve your oral health. the procedures can be performed for cosmetic reasons, as well as for oral health reasons. Common gingival esthetic problems that can be corrected include gummy smile (excessive gingival display), uneven (asymmetrical) gingival contours, the loss of papillae (small amounts of gum tissue between your teeth) and exposed root surfaces. and also can help address esthetic concerns of teeth that appear “too small” or are unusually shaped. The  process removes and re-shapes the extra gum tissue to lift the gum line and reveal more teeth smile and/or even out the gum line for enhanced symmetry.

gingival contouringgingival contouringGUM CONTOURINGgum contouring